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Bridge the Gap

25th August 2016

Definition of bridge
: a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle
b : a time, place, or means of connection or transition

Webster’s definition seems simple enough right? A structure, check. A pathway, check. A roadway, check. Depression or obstacle, check and check. It is the word carrying that I feel is the vital part of this definition. It’s the vital part of a bridge, right? I mean if this structure that we call a bridge does not carry something then it’s not a bridge.
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Weight, Business, Life

11th August 2016

On December 26 of 2015 I was at my sister’s house celebrating Christmas. I complained to her about being hot and my chest hurting a little.

She told me I did not look good (I think she was referring to the fact that I was 297 pounds). She proceeded to take my blood pressure, since she is an accomplished RN and my sister I listened very closely when she said “Oh my gosh Jamie, it’s 168 over 108!”
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Air Jordan and Seventh Grade

11th August 2016

With the unveiling of the new Air Jordan 31 at the end of July it forced me to reminisce of the seventh grade. That year, I received my very first pair of Air Jordan’s (actually they were Sky Jordan’s because children sizes did not actually have the air mid sole technology).

During that year I was cut from my middle school basketball team at Donelson JR. High. We were called the Donelson Dons. I’m glad I was cut, who wants to be a Don? Just kidding, I was crushed at the sight of seeing a list of names on a piece of paper on the coach’s office door that did not have my name on it.
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