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On December 26 of 2015 I was at my sister’s house celebrating Christmas. I complained to her about being hot and my chest hurting a little.

She told me I did not look good (I think she was referring to the fact that I was 297 pounds). She proceeded to take my blood pressure, since she is an accomplished RN and my sister I listened very closely when she said “Oh my gosh Jamie, it’s 168 over 108!”

She actually suggested that I go to the hospital. She was using words like stroke and heart attack. Having a father, grandfather and uncle all die before the age of 59 her statements resonated loudly in my mind. I was lazy. I wasn’t physically active and I ate horribly but that the thought of not seeing my oldest daughter graduate from Vanderbilt, my son play high school football and my 7 year old little girl go to middle school put life into perspective. It was time for a change.

Your mortality can really put things into perspective. I knew the first thing that I had to do, I had to change my MIND. I had to stop thinking that I couldn’t do it. The mind is powerful but the thought of a heart attack was more powerful. I completely changed the way I ate. I changed what I was eating and when I was eating.

Then I got back to playing basketball and boxing again. Even though I have not been back in the ring for a real bout I have worked hard and sparred with several fighters….. and some friends.

I have lost 85 pounds and I feel incredible. I chose to live life to its fullest and not let the world pull me down with the conveniences of fast food and laziness.

I say all of this to share with everyone that at every fork in the road we must make a decision. Choose wisely……