Air Jordan and Seventh Grade


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With the unveiling of the new Air Jordan 31 at the end of July it forced me to reminisce of the seventh grade. That year, I received my very first pair of Air Jordan’s (actually they were Sky Jordan’s because children sizes did not actually have the air mid sole technology).

During that year I was cut from my middle school basketball team at Donelson JR. High. We were called the Donelson Dons. I’m glad I was cut, who wants to be a Don? Just kidding, I was crushed at the sight of seeing a list of names on a piece of paper on the coach’s office door that did not have my name on it.

So I was forced to go back to the Old Hickory Community Center to play rec ball another year. I worked hard. I got better. However I did not work hard in the classroom and I failed the 7th grade and was ineligible the next year.

I made the proverbial bed of not doing your homework and now I must sleep in it for a whole year of not being eligible to play school sports. At this point I could have given up and taken the road of feeling sorry for myself and my mom could have babied me more (if that was possible) and enabled me to be a quitter. She didn’t. She stayed on me, all the time. I changed schools, made the team and made decent grades.

The story doesn’t end there but that’s all for a different day. The moral of this story is that if we do not fail then how do we know when we succeed. To know what it feels like to be on the mountain top we must first experience the low valley. By the way, I never became Michael Jordan.