Bridge Builders


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I’ve crossed the bridge in the picture above thousands of times. That bridge gave me access to get back home, visit family, buy groceries, and so on. I never remember a time it wasn’t there, so I’ve taken for granted at some point people on one side couldn’t access the other side. I can imagine those people looking across that divide, knowing someone or some thing on the other side was so close, but still unreachable.

My Dad worked on that bridge. He helped build it. I wonder if when he crossed it, did he think, “I made this possible.”? I bet that he didn’t take it for granted. I imagine he remembered what it was like to have to go “the long way around” to get to the other side. I believe he appreciated what that bridge represented and what it did for the people on either side of it.

That’s what we do at Nixon Pro. Like my Dad, we build bridges. Maybe we don’t build traditional bridges out of metal and concrete, but our bridges connect people in the same way. We connect people through technology. That’s our building material. With their services and products on one side, we make it possible for businesses to reach customers, who are on the other side needing those product and services.